Tamilpesu.us was formed by motivation to bring the open-source Tamil software repositories to end-users with the intention of bringing innovations to (usually non-technical) end-users quickly. This idea was raised by T Shrinivasan and he led Syed Abhu Thahir to build a Django based site for Open-Tamil repository. At this point Muthu Annamalai got involved and contributed the domain name and hosting service and put this up for common use. Suren made the hosting simple and push-to-deploy by clever use of Docker and github. You can see code hosted here from several projects including Open-Tamil, Tamil-Sandhi, TamilInayaVaani Spell Checker, Tamil TTS, and this repository itself Tamilpesu US.

Various Tamil Open-Source projects are hosted using this repository,
  1. Open-Tamil link
  2. Tamil Sandhi Checker link
  3. Tamil InayaVaani Checker link
  4. Tamil TTS link
  5. Kural Gen link
Please see கணியம் அறக்கட்டளை and எழில் மொழி அறக்கட்டளை நிரல் கிடங்கு (GitHub)


Tamil Sandhi Checker Contributors

  • Muthu Annamalai
  • Nithya Duraisamy

Tamilinaiya-Spellchecker Contributors

  • Thanks to Tamil Virtual Academy, Chennai for releasing ths source code of this application. This work is open-source publication of Vaani from link You can support the close-source Vaani project, an 8 yr effort as of 2020, by donating here donate(link)
  • Python Port was enabled by Kaniyam Foundation, T. Shrinivasan, @manikk, Ashok Ramachandran, and others. You can support Kaniyam Foundation and its mission by donating via instructions here, Kaniyam The Python port depends on tamilsandhichecker project link and the Open-Tamil project link:

Open Tamil Contributors

Tamil TTS Contributors


  • Mannar Amuthan
  • Muthiah Annamalai


This python package is used for parsing the Thirukkural and extracting Venba and Seer elements.
  • Mannar Amuthan

Tamilpesu Us Contributors