Open Tamil on the web platform hosts the free-software language processing applications present within library open-tamil, for processing Tamil language text, numbers, scripts. Open Tamil can also be used as a python library or as a webservice from other applications. Open tamil is currently under development. If you are interested in contributing contact us via github here.

This is collective work of our team underlying the website, itself written in Django+Python, highlighting various aspects of open-tamil like transliteration, numeral generation, encoding converters, spell checker among other things. At this time I hope to keep the website running through most of this year, and add features as git-repo gets updated.

Thanks to Mr. Syed Abuthahir, many months ago, in winter of 2017, he has developed an interface for open-tamil on the web and shared with us under GNU Affero GPL terms. Later, we is added as part of main open-tamil as well.